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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So That Governor Race...

Apathy.  This is the theme of the 2011 West Virginia Gubernatorial election, at least where I live in the Eastern Panhandle.  Nobody seems even slightly interested in the outcome of the election, and some are unaware an election is even occurring.  Sad eh?  Not to mention there is an American Third Position candidate on the actual ballot (read more about this group here at the Southern Poverty Law Center).

Its sad when you can walk around on a college campus and find several voting-age students unaware of a Gubernatorial election in their state.  This, contrary to popular belief, is a huge election.  A WV governor is a powerful position as far as state governors go in the United States, and our state's economy is in a dire state currently.

The poverty rate in West Virginia has recently been reported at 16.4%, a 1.8% jump in roughly 2 years.  Not good, folks.  Where are we as a state?  When our economy is solely driven by the coal companies and now Marcellus Shale drilling firms.  Talk about energy dependence!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, educate yourselves on the candidates and go vote.  October 4th.  Write that date down in your calendar.  I'll be posting a candidate profile soon for each one running. Seriously, vote!


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